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(As a nonprofit professional this planning tool can be used in many ways, as a yearlong guide to help increase funding or to generate new ideas during those months when you have down time.  A few additional tips; you’ll notice that I rarely suggest “asking for money”, that’s because if you spend your time and energy building relationships and engaging your donors you’ll have to ask less but will ultimately get so much more!  Lastly, this is just a brief list of ideas, there are hundreds more! So if these don’t work for you just ask me for additional ideas!  And please share your ideas with me, all of these came from actual nonprofits I have worked with in the past.)





  • Thank your donors from the prior year. Thank them in ways that are unique and meaningful to them. You have to know your donors to make this work, so do you truly know your donors?

  • Invite donors to board meetings, send out newsletters, let them know what you are up to and planning for the new year, etc.



  • Set a goal for contacting both new and established donors this month (contact 20, 30, 50 people and tell them about your organization)

  • Invite top donors to a private lunch or meeting to let them know how they have helped your organization in the past and how they can continue to have an impact

  • “Be your nonprofit organization (NPO)” – talk it up, look for conversation starter opportunities, such as anytime someone says “what do you do for a living”?  Answer with something about your NPO! 


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Thank you and Happy New Years from everyone at NY Grant Assist