Nonprofit Consulting, Grant Writing and Strategic Planning
Nonprofit Consulting, and Grant Writing Services





STEP 1: Find a service that meets your needs

1. Grant Funding Search:  If you have a projected planned but need funding sources we can help!  We will research several potential funding options, including grants and fundraising opportunities. However, it is your organization responsibility to apply for the actual grants.  (If you need help with this please see below for further assistance)

2. Grant Research and Proposal Writing Services:  ~If your organization has a grant proposal written but no current funding sources we will locate potential sources and rewrite the proposal to fit the Request for Funding guidelines as needed.   

 *If you need help developing a new proposal we can assist with that as well.  There are several planning and project development tools that we will use to develop a grant proposal, as well as your “Request for Consideration “or “Letter of Intent”.  

3.* Complete Grant Management services:  If your organization needs to locate potential funding sources, a Letter Of Intent and grant proposal as well as someone to oversee the application process, and follow up with funding sources this is the service for you!  We will write the proposal and find the funding sources and do all necessary applications and follow up.  Fees are based on the type of organization and the complexity of the grants and will be agreed upon by all parties in advance.  Grants typically take 6-12 months before notifications of awards are posted, and follow up letters with documentation of work completed or status of project is often required including such things as; budgets, work orders or photographs. All of these issues will determine the final cost of this service. 

4. Miscellaneous writing and social media management services:    We also write Newsletters, annual campaign letters and managing social media pages.  The goal is always to increase your presence in a positive way and reach both new and existing members. 

5. Program Development:   Does your nonprofit have an idea for a new program or service? Then this is the service for you!  We will work with you to make your idea a successful reality. From doing community needs assessment surveys to planning to implementing your ideas we can help with all aspects of program development. 

** So none of these services meet your unique needs?  No problem, together we will tailor a service to fit your individual needs! Just tell us what your goal is!

**Concerned that hiring a grant writer doesn’t fit with your budget?  Don't be!  Start with one service and add others as needed